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Understanding that while you are looking at our website, you might be a little confused how financing would fit in this equation.

I will give you the short version of the long story.  FMCB LLC has been in the Arizona market for almost two decades.  Because of this, we have had many opportunities to help many clients in different fields.  One of these fields has been financing.

Last year, FMCB had been approached by one of our clients in California.  He was working in high end financing and was looking for commercial construction projects in the 100 million and up.  As we know you would have said also,  we consulted him to call a bank or someone in that field.  He made it very clear.  I have and I need a company that can get results!

Since then, FMCB LLC has helped different developers and financial principals come together.  One thing that has been said is "eventhough FMCB LLC is not in the financing field, they are in the RESULTS field and that's what we want!"  Our financial "friends" have been responsible for managing the national and international asset-based lending for transactions up to $10 billion.

The type of financing we have monies for is...

  • Real Estate Funding at All Stages.
  • Initial Debt Financing
  • Subordinate Debt Financing
  • "Packaging" of Project Financing
  • Loans or Leasing on Machinery and Equipment
  • Financing or Consolidation of Existing Debt
  • Surety Performance
  • Guaranteed Investment Contracts (GIC)
  • Conventional Debt Financing
  • Private Placement Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Inventory Loans
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Asset Based Loans

If you feel that you would like FMCB LLC to help find some kind of financing, our first step is for you to download the NON-CIRCUMVENT, NON-DISCLOSE document below, sign and fax/scan & email back.

Please note:  The Non-Circumvent, Non-Disclose agreement is for the protection of all parties involved.  FMCB PRODUCTIONS LLC has something to protect in our contacts and resources.  We feel that you would also have something to protect, therefore we would hope you would understand the need for this document for all parties involved to speak freely. Thank you
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